by learning to live in, from, and for God's eternal love

Wake Up

God’s love and blessings are all around you. When you walk in the light of them, you live life in high definition clarity!

Stay Hopeful

Your struggles are temporary; God’s favor is eternal. Difficulties are a part of the journey but they are not the destination!

Keep Rising

By faith you can begin to live in the realm beyond the rain . . . the place where the sun is always shining and the light never fades!

Shine Your Light

Creative ideas will flow as you walk in the pristine peace of God so that the light in you can become the light through you!

Creating Creative Space

I stood long at the second floor window watching cars cut a path through the snow as they passed by. My heart was throbbing with creative energy and my mind was racing to make use of it. Ideas were being born, and it was beautiful. I would have stood there all day, if...

Out of the Grey

The New Testament speaks of those who walk in the light and those who walk in darkness. But the NT knows nothing of the class of Christians that fill our churches today: those who walk in the grey. The grey is that opaque area between light and darkness, between...

Picking the Low-Hanging Fruit

What are your dreams? What are your goals? Have you written them down? Most people are not actually moving forward in life; most people are simple surviving. Surviving means simply trying to make it through another day, doing what is necessary to maintain your current...
Benjamin Israel Robinson

Benjamin Israel Robinson

Pastor, Teacher, Blogger

Benjamin Israel Robinson was born and raised in Oakland, California. He embraced God’s call to full-time ministry when he was eleven years old. He studied to prepare himself for ministry at¬†Fuller Theological Seminary where he completed a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies and Theology, and he went on to do eight years of Ph.D. work (which he has yet to complete) at Regent University in Virgnia Beach.

Benjamin and his wife Sunhee planted Living Hope Christian Center in Emeryville, California in January of 2004 and have served as its lead pastors ever since. They also travel around the world empowering the body of Christ and bearing witness to the world of the power and coming of God’s kingdom through his Son Jesus Christ.

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